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Wastes - Solids, Liquids and Gases
Wastes - Solids, Liquids and Gases

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A symposium presented at two Achema Meetings: 1967, 1970 Frankfurt Germany
ISBN-13/EAN: 9780820602431
ISBN: 0820602434
Translated by: Max Wulfinghoff
Chemical Publishing
Book - Hardback
Pub Date: Jan 1, 1974
442 Pages

A symposium presented at two Achema Meetings: 1967, 1970 Frankfurt Germany -

Contents -
Preface -
Clean Water in the Chemical Industries -
On the Shear Strength of Floes -
Aeration in Effluent Treatment -
Biological Problems in the Handling of Organic Pollution in Industrial Effluents -
Updraft Impellers in Activated Sludge Processes -
Purification of Oil-bearing Effluents by Gas Flotation -
The Treatment of Fluid Industrial Wastes by Combustion -
Recovery of Nitrogen Oxides from Industrial Emissions by Means of Countercurrent Adsorption -
Removal of Industrial Emissions by Electrochemical Means, Using a Novel Double-Layer Electrode -
Simultaneous Recovery of Carbon Disulfide and Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide Purity Requirements for Viscose Plant Emissions -
Practical Testing of Dryer Exhausts in Surface Coating Operations -
On the Size Distribution of Aerosols In the Atmosphere -
Developments in Clean Room Techniques -
Bacteriological Contamination and Decontamination -
Elutriation in the Production of Aerosols -
New Knowledge of UItrafine Aerosols -
A Novel Ventilation System for Operating Rooms -
Applications of Clean Rooms in Manufacturing -
Supervision of Clean Rooms by the 40-1 Particle Counter -
Potable Water from Sea and Brackish Waters State of-the-Art Report -
Problems in the Removal of Inorganic Industrial Slurries -
Problems in the Operation of Electrostatic Filters -
Catalytic and Thermic Combustion of Industrial Waste Gases -
Novel Honeycomb Type Catalyzers for Gas Purification -
Desulfurization of Waste Gases by Adsorption and Catalysis on Activated Carbon -
Control of Air Pollution by Vehicular Exhaust Testing Methods and Expectable Results -
Removal of S02 from Waste Gases -
Pollution in Industry -
Decontamnination of Effluents by Percolating Filters With Plastic Packing -
Continuous Ion Exchange in a Novel Counterflow Process -
Intensive Fractionation-A Novel Approach in Ion Exchange Technology -
Novel Developments in the Regeneration of Acid Pickling Liquors and Other Chloride Bearing Solutions -
Water Purification in Sludge Blanket Clarifiers. The Influence of the Suspension Load -
Making Potable Water from Surface Waters -
Supervision and Control of Large Biological Clarifiers for Industry Effluents -
Automatic Sampling of Domestic Effluents -
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry in the Investigation of Waste and Interceptor Waters -
Disposal of Industrial Wastes -
Industrial and Domestic Sewage-A Total Treatment with Fly Ash and Polyelectrolytes -
A Chemist's View of Garbage Disposal Methods -
A Novel Method for Continuous Determination of Chlorine lons in Liquids and Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Air -
Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration -
Where Do We Stand Today? -
Index -

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