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Since 1934, Chemical Publishing Company has been publishing and distributing the highest quality scientific, technical, and trade books. We are dedicated to providing skilled professionals, chemists, scientists, engineers, doctors, academics, and more with literature that assists in building knowledge and industry advancement. With distribution partners all over the world including North America, the United Kingdom and European Union, Canada, and Australia, our selection of publications span across many markets.

We pride ourselves in finding and attracting authors with unique literature in order to provide professionals with up to date and educational content in the fast paced industries of water treatment, water technology, cosmetics, fireworks, food technology, analytical and computational methods, engineering, formularies, green technology, industrial and chemical technology, and material science.

As a top scientific publisher, we commission only the foremost leading experts in their specific field as authors, in order to produce a truly distinctive product that is second to none. Our collaborative approach to working with our authors provides industry experts with an exceptional experience; one that offers remarkable support, advice, and leadership. We accept submissions from both experienced and new authors and are pleased to answer your request for specific information about publications on any subject and encourage you to consult us about such manuscripts or about your idea for writing them.

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