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Publish and Distribute with the Top STM Publishing Company

Chemical Publishing Company, established in 1934 is one of the most established scientific and technical book publishers throughout North America, the United Kingdom and European Union, Canada, and Australia. We are dedicated to finding the highest quality literature in order provide professionals with up to date and compelling content in the fast paced industries of water treatment, water technology, cosmetics, fireworks, food technology, analytical and computational methods, engineering, formularies, green technology, industrial and chemical technology, and material science.

We invite you to consult our editors about your manuscript or publishing project. Please call us with any inquires or contact us through the form on our contact page. We are pleased to answer your request for specific information about books on any subject and encourage you to consult us about such manuscripts or about your idea for writing them.

We accept the submission of manuscripts or other publishing project whether it is technical, scientific, or serious popular expositions. All submitted manuscripts and planned works will receive prompt attention. Our staff will consider finished and proposed manuscripts by authors whose works have not been previously published as sympathetically and objectively as those by experienced authors.

How to Submit a Manuscript for Publication

Include the CPC Author Submission Form with all submissions. This form is designed to give our editors some basic information about you and your idea. We ask that you be as thorough and detailed as possible with each and every answer.

Also include an outline and a few pages of three sample chapters, as well as reviews, artwork, and photos.

The Publishing Process

During the publishing process, our collaborative approach is aimed at providing authors with all the necessary support. Our editors work together with authors to discuss publishing proposals, their related viability, and manuscript development.

Our marketing team employs a full range of tools such as direct mail, website, online, print ads, and trade shows to promote and market our publications. As each member of our team is committed to excellence by means of talent and integrity, their synergistic efforts have enabled Chemical Publishing Company to maintain its leadership in the international chemical professional publishing industry.

We Accept the Following Subjects:

Water Treatment / Water Technology



Food Technology

Analytical Methods



Green Technology

Industrial & Chemical Technology

Material Science