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Handbook of Laboratory Solutions
Handbook of Laboratory Solutions

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ISBN-13/EAN: 9780820603650
ISBN: 0820603651
Author: M.H. Gabb
Author: W.E. Latchem
Chemical Publishing
Book - Paperback
Pub Date: Apr 12, 1967
128 Pages

A concise and handy guide to the numerous “recipes” for chemical solutions used in laboratories. 

In each chapter, preparations of one particular use, or related uses, are grouped alphabetically. Where appropriate, the use of the solutions are stated and cross reference made. Should meet most of the everyday requirements of chemistry, physics, biology and engineering laboratories. 

Contents: -

Foreword  - 
Abbreviations - 
Authors' Note - 

1. Solutions-Basic Definitions - 

Molar and Normal Solutions. Standard Solutions. The Purity of
Chemical Substances.

2. Solutions-Handling Techniques - 

Clean Apparatus. Measuring or Graduated Apparatus. The Pipette.
The Burette. Making a Solution of Approximate Concentration.
Making Standard Solutions by Weighing. Standardization of Solutions
by Titration. Cleaning Solutions.

3. Solutions for Titrations - 

Primary Standards- 1: Standardization of strong Acids. 2: Standardization
of Alkaline Solutions. 3: Standardization of Oxidizing
Agents. 4: Precipitation Reactions. 5: Iodine Titrations.
Acids and Alkalis.

Solutions For Redox Reactions- 1: Oxidizing Agents or
Oxidants. 2: Reducing Agents. Precipitation Titrations.
Miscellaneous Titration Solutions.

4. Bench Solutions - 
Acids. Alkalis. Other Inorganic Reagents.

5. Indicators - 
Acid-base or pH Indicators. Screened Indicators. Mixed Indicators.
Water-soluble Indicators. Other pH Indicators. Luminescent Indicators.
Universal Indicators. Buffer Solutions. Indicators for Precipitation
Titrations. Adsorption Indicators. Starch Indicator for Iodine Titration.
Indicators for Redox (Oxidation-reduction) Reactions. Titrimetric or
Volumetric Indicators. Indicators for EDTA Titrations.

6. Organic Reagents and others used in Qualitative Analysis

7. Reagents used in Organic Chemistry

8. Biochemical Solutions and Reagents

9. Solutions in Histology

10. Physiological Salines and Culture Solutions
Physiological Salines-Animal. Plant Culture Solutions.

11. Miscellaneous Solutions
Solutions for Making Indicator Papers. Electrolyte Solutions for Cells
and Electrolysis.


Maximum Tolerances in Graduated Glassware

Mathematical Tables

Atomic Weight Table

Simple First Aid Procedures



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