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Fireworks, Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition
Fireworks, Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition

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ISBN-13/EAN: 9780820603544
ISBN: 0820603546
Author: Ronald Lancaster, MBE
Chemical Publishing
Book - Hardback
Pub Date: Mar 13, 1998
468 pages

All the chapters from the previous edition have been revised and enlarged to include in most cases new fireworks formats. 

Four new chapters have been added to this 3rd Edition: 
In a new chapter Chemistry of Fireworks Compositions; Dr. Takeo Shimizu examines the use of materials and binders in the manufacturing process and how to control reactions.
The chapter on Fireworks Displays, examines the evolution of displays and modern uses throughout the world. 

The new chapter on Gunpowder deals with its uses since ancient times to date. 

The legislative framework for fireworks control in Great Britain, United States, Canada and the European Union are discussed in the new Legislation chapter. 

In addition, this 3rd Edition includes a glossary with more than three hundred fireworks terms and numerous photographs, some from the historical archives of the Brocks Fireworks. 


1. The History of Fireworks 
2. Fireworks Displays 
3. Gunpowder 
4. Fireworks Materials 
5. General Pyrotechnic Principles 
6. Chemistry of Fireworks Compositions 
7. Legislation 
8. Mixing and Charging 
9. Containers 
10. Stars 
11. Colored Fires, Bengals, Lances, Portfires 
12. Roman Candles, Comers, Mines 
13. Noisemakers 
14. Rockets 
15. Drivers, Saxons, Tourbillions 
16. Shells 
17. Gerbs, Fountains, Rains, Squibs, Cones 
18. Pinwheels and Crackers 
19. Indoor Fireworks 
20. Fuses, Quickmatch 
21. Smoke 
22. Exhibition Fireworks 
23. The Manufacturing Processes for Fireworks Compositions 
Japanese Fireworks Glossary

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