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Formulary of Paints and Other Coatings
Formulary of Paints and Other Coatings

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ISBN-13/EAN: 9780820603483
Author: Michael Ash
Chemical Publishing
Book - Paperback
Pub Date: Jul 22, 2000
436 Pages

Contents - 

I. Primers - 
II. Exterior Paints - 
III. Marine Paints - 
IV. Metal Paints -
V. Masonry Paints  -
VI. Wood Paints - 
VII. Enamels - 
VIII. Interior Paints  - 
IX. Varnishes, Lacquers, and Floor Finishes -
X. Luminescent Paints - 
XI. Specialty Coatings - 
XII. Industrial Paints - 
Appendix - 

Preface - 
The physical aspects of paint chemistry and technology are well covered in many up-to-date texts and the reader is strongly advised to become acquainted with this material before using this formulary.

This volume and the ones that will follow are a catalogue of formulas
reflecting the state of the art in the paint industry. It is meant to serve as a tool for anyone who must turn out quality paint products, without the fiscal luxury of developing completely new, untested prototypes. 

However, this is not a cookbook. Most of the formulas contained are starting point preparations that do require refining. It is that giant leap from nothing to a workable idea that this series attempts to make.

Anyone familiar with coatings knows it is impossible to have distinct chapters dealing with only one product. Of the chapters presented here almost all contain major elements of the others. The descending logical sequence of each chapter is loosely built on:

A. Use (primer, enamel, exterior paint, interior paint, luminescent paint, etc.) and special characteristics
B. Vehicle (oil, alkyd, epoxy, latex, etc.)
C. Color (if any specified)

Unless otherwise specified, all formulas have the quantities of ingredients given in parts by weight. Where test results were available, they follow the formula. A list of abbreviations that are used throughout the formulary is included.

All constituents appearing by their trademark name are printed in boldface type, and the manufacturers' names and addresses appear after the list of alphabetized tradenames in the Appendix.

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