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Handbook of Industrial Toxicology, 3rd Edition
Handbook of Industrial Toxicology, 3rd Edition

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ISBN-13/EAN: 9780820603216
Author: E.R. Plunkett
Chemical Publishing
Book - Hardback
Pub Date: May 5, 1987
612 Pages

This is a practical, quick reference guide for those who are actively involved in protecting the health of the worker. 
It is organized for rapid access, clarity and conciseness. 

Contents refer to various chemicals, drugs, insecticides and other compounds. The entries are listed by their most familiar names from ABRIN to ZIRCONIUM. Each entry contains all the data that the seeker needs to know-synonyms, all aspects of toxicity. Threshold Limit Values, tests, treatment, and precautions to be observed. 

The appendix contains an extensive bibliography.

Preface - 

The third edition of this handbook, like the previous work, is intended
as a practical, quick reference guide for those who are actively involved in
protecting the health of the worker. While the entire text has been
updated, an outline form is retained for rapid access, clarity, and

In a rapidly changing occupational environment some of the material
included here may soon be outdated, and other chemicals and compounds
not mentioned will generate significant future interest. The TL V s used are
those currently recommended by ACGIH, but it should be noted that
federal and state agencies as well as foreign governments often issue
different standards.

Carcinogens continue to command attention and require diligent efforts
for protective strategies. In many instances, medical surveillance techniques
and preventive measures for work practices are prescribed by law and
must be followed as indicated in given jurisdictions. Similarly, the
adverse effect on reproductive health from chemical exposures in the workplace
has also received much attention, but the precise relation between
exposure and specific reproductive problems is apt to remain elusive for
some time to come. It can only be resolved by intense epidemiological
and experimental research.

Current emphasis on research in performance assessment and evaluation
in the selection and use of protective equipment is refreshing. Both ANSI
and OSHA standards address eye and face protection and the American Conference
of Governmental Industrial Hygienists has published "Guidelines
for the Selection of Chemical Protective Clothing." Other sources of
information on advances in this expanding area include the U.S. Coast
Guard, U.S. Fire Administration, NIOSH, and EPA.

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