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Cooling Tower Performance
Cooling Tower Performance

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ISBN-13/EAN: 9780820603001
Author: Donald R. Baker
Chemical Publishing
Book - Hardback
Pub Date: Feb 13, 1984
452 pages

Begins with a brief review of the origins and early history of cooling towers and finally brings together the variety of terms in the industry into a uniform system of terminology. 

Facts accumulated as a result of laboratory testing together with full-scale tests in the field provide the basis for the methods described in the book. Provides easy to use combination of steps in which to incorporate the Merkel theory. English-American units of measure are used in the examples with metric equivalents shown in parentheses. 

Appendices contain tables of appropriate constants and conversion factors for use with SI (le Systeme International d’Unites). This guide is of great benefit to cooling tower users, operators and plant designers. 


1. Historical Background of Cooling Towers 
2. Thermodynamic Properties of Moist Air 
3. Psychrometry and Wet-Bulb Temperature 
4. Psychrometric Tables and Charts 
5. Development of Cooling Tower Theory 
6. Merkel and Enthalpy Potential 
7. Cross-Flow Analysis 
8. Minimizing the Effects of Inherent Errors 
9. Tower Characteristic and Correlation Curves 
10. Laboratory Testing Facilities 
11. Laboratory Test Procedures 
12. Drift 
13. Fan Performance and Air Flow 
14. Field Testing-Recirculation 
15. Sound and Noise Control 
16. Tower Selection and Rating Tables 
17. Tower Units and Universal Rating Charts 
18. General Operating Principles 
19. Design Conditions 
20. Specification and Bid Analysis 
21. Wood in Cooling Tower Service 
22. Hyperbolic Towers 
Appendix A-Weights and Measures/SI System 
Appendix B-Symbols 
Appendix C-Nomenclature and Definitions 
Appendix D-Psychrometric Tables and Chart 
Appendix E-Sheleton Tables for Calculating Goff Formulations 
Appendix F -Data Used in Plotting Multipressure Psychrometric Chart
Appendix G-Summer Weather Data
Appendix H-Bibliography

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