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The Violinist's Handbook
The Violinist's Handbook

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ISBN-13/EAN: 9780820602561
ISBN: 0820602566
Author: J.A. Fracht
Remsen Press a Division of Chemical Publishing
Book - Paperback
Pub Date: Apr 21, 1979
224 Pages

Contents - 

What the Critics Say - 
About the Author - 
Foreword - 
Introduction - 
Massage - 
When to Massage - 
Start the Day's Work with A Massage - 
Massaging Neck and Shoulders - 
Massaging Anus - 
Massaging Wrists - 
Massaging Palms - 
Massaging Fingers - 
Massage and Finger-Stretching Treatment - 
Relax Fingers, Wrists, and Arms of Both Hands - 
Two Extra Minutes for General Well-Being - 
Relaxing Gymnastics for Rest Periods - 
Some Facts About the Violin - 
Two Extreme Models - 
Bridge Problems - 
Care in Tuning - 
Some Facts About the Bow - 
Thick Fingers-String Spread - 
Long Fingers-Thicker Neck - 
Selecting a Bow - 
Some Bow Characteristics - 
Bend in the Bow - 
Natural Tremble in Bend of Bow - 
Preliminary Gymnastics - 
Basic Preparations for Various Bow Techniques - 
Relax Bow Hand, Clutch, and Release - 
Release from Hand Tensions-Bow Catching - 
Balanced Weight Control for Smooth Bow Changes - 
Comment on Bow Exchange Methods - 
The Thumb - 
Balancing Right-Hand Thumb for Legato - 
Balanced Bow Arm - 
Speed-Up Balanced Bow Arm - 
Gymnastics for Balanced Bow Movements - 
Gravity and Body Balance  - 
Gravity Stance - 
Smooth and Balanced Bow-Exchange Movements - 
Body Gravity for Smoother Bow-Changing Strokes - 
Comments on Bow-Exchange Methods - 
Gymnastics for a Flexible Bow Arm - 
Flexible Wrist and Hand Combination - 
Hand and Bow Become One -  
Free-Swinging Action and Birth of Legato-Spiccato - 
Body Balance for Rapid-Bow Movements - 
Let Gravity Work for You - 
Fast Bowing Weight Balance - 
Balanced Stance - 
High Bow Arm - 
Arm, Wrist, Hand, Fingers Coordinated for Speed - 
Faster Spiccato - 
Slower Spiccato - 
Comment on Spiccato - 
Developing in Depth the "Feel" of the Bow in Movement - 
Staccato - 
Gymnastic -  
The Down-Bow Staccato - 
Left-Hand Gymnastics - 
Know Your Hand Flex And Unflex - 
Stretch and Flex - 
Hand and Wrist Combination - 
Give and Take Pressures of Left-Hand Fingers - 
Finger and Thumb Relationship - 
Thumb and Finger Relationship in Upper Register of Violin -  
Finger Stretches for Left Hand - 
Stretching Gymnastics - 
Stretching Left-Hand Gymnastics in the Lower Positions -  
Thumb Stretches - 
Developing the Rounded-Finger Technique  - 
Dynamic Energy -Left-Hand Finger Thrusts: Pressure and Resistance -  
Gymnastic  - 
The Vibrato  - 
Importance of Wrist in the Vibrato  - 
Gymnastic for the Vibrato -  
Further Comment About Vibrato Wrist Control  - 
Vibrato Gymnastics in the Lower Positions  - 
Gymnastics for Lower Position Vibrato  - 
Arm Involvement in the Vibrato  - 
Arm Gymnastic for the Vibrato  - 
Further Use of Left Elbow for the Vibrato  - 
The Shift  - 
Synchronizing Bow and Left Arm  - 
Combining Rhythmic Flow and Balance in Movement - 
Between Both Arms  - 
Arm Movement as a Base for Shifting Technique with - 
Fingering Involvement  - 
Shifting to a Definite Finger-Stop Position Using - 
Left-Hand Thumb  - 
Shift on a Slur or Tie  - 
Arm Shifting with Various Fingers  - 
Shifting Away from the Wall and the Use of the Neck  - 
Left-Hand Thumb as a Shifting Base -  
Left-Hand Thumb Gymnastics - 
The Trill  - 
Finger Gymnastic for the Trill  - 
Combining Up-and-Down Finger Movement with Sliding - 
Finger Action -  
Harmonics  - 
Coordinating Left-Hand Fingers and Bow for Harmonics  - 
Left-Hand Pizzicato -  
Gymnastic for Left·Hand Pizzicato -  
Left-Hand Pizzicato with the Bow  - 
Thirds  - 
Thirds as a Basic Gymnastic for the Shift, Glissando, and Strengthening of the Fingers and Thumb  - 
Gymnastics for Thirds  - 
Octaves  - 
A Basic Gymnastic for the Shift, Glissando, and Strengthening of the Fingers and Thumb  - 
Making Exercises out of Violin Pieces  - 
Novacek: "Perpetuum Mobile"  - 
Bach: "Prelude in E"  - 
Paganini: "Motto Perpetuo"  - 
Twelve Masterpiece Concertos  - 
LaIo: "Symphonie Espagnole"  - 
Mendelssohn: "Concerto in E Minor"  - 
Beethoven: "Concerto in D Major"  - 
Brahms: "Concerto in D Major-Opus 77"  - 
Joachim Cadenza for the Brahms Concerto III - 
Wieniawski: "Second Concerto in D Minor-Opus 22"  - 
Bruch: "Concerto in G Minor"  - 
Vieuxtemps: "Concerto No.4 in D Minor"  - 
Paganini: "Concerto No.1 in D Major"  - 
Sauret Cadenza for the Paganini Concerto  - 
Tschaikowsky: "Concerto-Opus 35"  - 
Mozart: "Concerto in D Major"  - 
Mozart: "Concerto No.5 in A Major-K  -

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