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The Singer's and Speaker's Handbook
The Singer's and Speaker's Handbook

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ISBN-13/EAN: 9780820602387
ISBN: 0820602388
Author: Emmett Robinson
Chemical Publishing
Book - Paperback
Pub Date: Jun 15, 1978
220 Pages

Contents - 

Preface Improving Your Voice - 
Chapter l. Self-Analysis -  
Chapter 2. Relaxation - 
Chapter 3. Breathing -  
Chapter 4. Mechanics of Voice Production - 
Chapter 5. Pitch and Scales - 
Chapter 6. Articulation - 
Chapter 7. Notation - 
Chapter 8. Studying a Song - Alleluja - 
Chapter 9. Audiences - 
Chapter 10. Directing a Choir  -
Chapter 11. "Daily Dozen"  - 
Appendix Score of Mozart's Alleluja - 

Improving Your Voice Everyone realizes that speaking and singing are means of self expression and communication, but few people realize that their voice can give enjoyment and pleasure to others as well as be a constant source of self-gratification. 

A good voice does not have to be a rarity bestowed only upon a fortunate few. It can be developed with care through study and application. Many potentially fine voices go to waste through lack of understanding and development, and through misuse. As singer or speaker you must know what you are doing, how your body produces sound, and what your voice communicates to others. 

You must achieve some sensible technique for voice production, if you are to avoid the unhappy sounds that issue from a tortured throat and frustrated mind, and if you are to sing or speak with charm, facility, and pleasure to your listeners. If you accept some simple disciplines, there is no reason why you cannot fulfill your desire to sing and speak well. 

All learning requires is large doses of patience, discipline, repetition, and fun. The trite saying is that art is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent determination. The purpose of this book is to examine you and your voice, step by step, as simply as possible. Exercises and gymnastics are included to help which require only one-half to three-quarters of an hour of work a day. 

The chapters are planned to explain how your voice works, how it functions, how to use it, how to improve it, and how to rid yourself of various stumbling blocks - most importantly those of strain, repression, and lack of knowledge of the simple fundamentals. Your voice is dependent not only on your desire or intuition, but on mastering breathing, a well-balanced and relaxed body, correct tone production, clear articulation, and a basic knowledge of music and rhythm. You must also achieve conscious control and flexibility of your voice. 

A chapter also deals with the problems of facing an audience, and the basics of showmanship, which every performer needs. Another section is devoted to dealing with a choir. Music and speech are natural gifts to us all. They are not specialized esoteric arts. Through self-knowledge and determination you may happily and easily claim what is yours by right - to sing well and to speak well!

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