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Chemical Specialties

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ISBN-13/EAN: 9780820602103
ISBN: 0820602108
Compiled by: H. Bennett
Chemical Publishing
Book - Paperback
Pub Date:  Feb,1978 
444 Pages

Preface - 
Preface II - 
Introduction - 

I. Compounding Chemistry - 
Definitions - Physical Properties of Chemicals - 

II. Classes of Chemicals, Their Chemical Properties, Reactions, and Uses - 

III. Chemicals Classified by Use - 

IV. Raw Materials - 
Uniform Replacement - 
Grade or Purity - 
Handling - 
Legal Restrictions - 
Formulation - 
Proportions - 
Methods of Manufacture - 
Costs - 
Use of the Finished Product - 
Storing Essential Oils - 
Water - 

V. Processing Procedure and Equipment - 
The Laboratory - 
The Compounding Room - 
Operations - 
Testing - 
Equipment - 
Containers and Packaging - 
Receiving and Shipping - 

VI. Marketing - 
Introducing a Product - 
Selling - 
New Product Development - 

VII. General Business Principles - 
Capital - 
Business Organization - 
Insurance - 
Business Law - 
Social Security - 
Labor Relations - 
Good Will - 
Renting vs Buying - 
Credits and Collections - 
Business Growth - 
Financing - 
Buying Materials and Equipment - 
Records and Bookkeeping - 

VIII. Technical Help - 
Is This the Right Time to Start Your Business? - 
Where to Get Information - 
How Much Capital Do You Need to Start? - 
Books - 
Catalogs - 
Trade Papers - 
Consultants - 
Trademarks - 
Patent Laws on Chemical Compounds - 

IX. Federal Laws and Regulations - 

X. Formulary - 
Adhesives and Sealants - 
Coatings - 
Cosmetics and Drugs - 
Polish - 
Detergents & Sanitizers - 

Miscellaneous - 
Appendix - 
Some Incompatible Chemicals - 
Common Hazardous Chemicals - 
First Aid for Chemical Injuries - 
Abbreviations - 
Common and Chemical Names - 
Tables - 
Trademark Chemicals - 
Supplementary List of Trademark Chemicals and Suppliers - 
Suppliers of Trademark Chemicals - 
Index -

Excerpt from Book (short):

This book is intended to be a guide to all those who would like to build up a chemical specialty business. Its purpose is to teach the elements of chemistry to the businessman and give the necessary business information to the chemist. In the first place, information is given for those who are interested in chemistry but have not had the opportunity to study chemistry. There are many who have not had the advantages of a college training and technical education but who, nevertheless, started to manufacture chemical specialties and succeeded in developing a good livelihood and even a large business in this field. 

In most cases, they obtained the knowledge necessary for their business in a very hard way. They learned chemical compounding by reading, consulting chemists and making countless experiments. In this book, all that many successful businessmen have learned from various sources over a great period of time has been put together and arranged for easy use. 

All the information that a beginner may need will be found in concentrated form here. No theory, chemical equations, or complicated mathematical formulae are used, so that everyone who can read will be able to learn how to make chemical preparations. Not only the businessman will find this book a useful guide to build up a chemical specialty business, the chemist, also, will find it of great value. 

The chemist, of course, will know most of the simple chemical information given here, but the formulas listed may inspire him to prepare others of his own. He will find many valuable suggestions on the business part of specialty manufacturing, e.g., figuring costs, marketing, information on where to buy, credits, etc. It is hoped that this book will help all those who have longed to enter this field but who have been held back by lack of sufficient information.

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