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New Unguent Bases and Lotions
New Unguent Bases and Lotions

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ISBN-13/EAN: 9780820601700
ISBN: 0820601705
Compiled by: Isaac Kenneth Hoffman
Chemical Publishing
Book - Paperback
Pub Date: 1957
156 Pages
A reference and guide to the more advanced types of unguent bases and lotions has long been needed by the pharmaceutical, medical, and allied professions. The efforts of the author have been rewarded by the satisfaction gained in filling this need.

-FOR THE PHARMACIST, this book opens a wide field of reference and application to topical pharmaceutical preparations. From these formulae, he may choose those which are most satisfactory for his needs. He can utilize them as stock vehicles or use the diverse data as a source of information when advising the physician.

-FOR THE PHYSICIAN, this book will serve as a ready reference and formula guide to the various classes of dermatological products. Its value as a prescribing aid is enhanced by the description included with each formula. It has also the advantage that it lists specific preparations which can be used for special purposes.

-FOR THE PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURER, the formulae in this book can be of great value for commercial product development. The fine appearance, economy, safety, and ease of manufacture of the products listed, will make them especially suitable for pharmaceutical preparations.

-FOR THE COSMETIC MANUFACTURER, the versatility and special characteristics of the preparations described in the book present many interesting possibilities for commercial application. They can be combined with all types of perfumes, colors, or other cosmetic materials. As luxury products, these formulations are well chosen because of their attractiveness, effectiveness, safety, economy and ease of manufacture.

-FOR USE AS A TEXT, this book is of practical value, because it covers extensively the various classes of emulsified pharmaceutical preparations for topical use. Simple mixtures, solutions, or suspensions are not included. The descriptive material offers useful information to students of pharmacy, medicine, and related fields.

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Washable Oil-in-Water Lotions -
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Nonwashable Water-in-Oil Lotions -
Washable Anhydrous Oil-in-Water Unguent Bases -
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